Wednesday, September 7, 2016

The Power is in the Details

Less than two years ago, I purchased a large sectional sofa. I was so proud of my sofa, but I made a mistake.  I didn't research the fabric before purchasing it.  I just walked my happy self into a furniture store, walked around for a few minutes and then pointed at it.   "I want that one," I proudly said to the salesman.  I think I was his favorite customer that day.  I don't think I even took five minutes to consider my options.  I did that because for the first time in my life, I was witnessing God, the Provider.  We often acknowledge Him according to what we need the most.  Some people have witnessed Him be God, the Healer; while some have witnessed Him be God, the Deliverer.   I was tapped into God, the Provider and I did not know how to act.  I'd grown up poor and thinking that I needed to have a two-income household in order to afford the things I wanted.  That mentality directly affected the choices I made in both my physical and my spiritual youth.  It also affected my income.  I settled for low-paying jobs and decent-paying jobs that I hated for the sake of having "some" money.  There I was in the furniture store feeling good about myself.  I was dining out every weekend all by my lonesome and witnessing a supernatural peace that truly surpassed my understanding.  Not only was I preaching about God, but I was witnessing His divine favor. So, where's the mistake in this? 

Sunday, April 17, 2016

The Power of the Seductress

Let's face it.  This earth is full of beautiful women and when a man has not been delivered from the lust of his flesh (sexual perversion) or the lust of his eyes (greed), he will want to sample as many of these women as possible.  After all, the sight of beautiful women caused the sons of God (angels) to leave their heavenly abodes and take fleshly wives for themselves.  This is to help you to understand the power of beauty.  Now imagine this: The Bible never said that the women who caused the sons of God to fall had seduced them, meaning, their fall had everything to do with themselves and not so much the women.  With that being said, if the sight of a woman is powerful enough to cause an angel to fall, how much more powerful is a woman who intentionally seduces a mere man?  Beauty can be deceitful and it can be, has been and still is used by the enemy to snare any man who does not possess wisdom or any man of God who is not clothed in the whole armor of God.

Sunday, December 20, 2015

One in a Billion (Finding Your Own Wife)

There are more than 3.52 billion women on the face of this earth.  As of today, there are slightly more men in the earth than there are women.  Even though there are more men in the earth than women, just about every woman alive can share stories about men they've rejected... men who've repeatedly pursued them.  Women often reject men when they are either not attracted to those men or they are sure that the men who are pursuing them aren't good fits for their lives.  Nevertheless, the more a woman rejects a man, the more he will pursue her.  Of course, this is because of the way men are created versus the way women are created.  Men are hunters by nature, and therefore, will vigorously pursue any woman they cannot have.  Nevertheless, a woman who's easy to be had is oftentimes used and discarded because a man is not designed to value anything he did not have to work for.  God designed men to sow and reap, but anytime a man reaps what he has not sown, he cannot and will not appreciate it because he was not designed that way.

Saturday, October 24, 2015

You Need to Let "Her" Go

She has held you captive for many years.  Physically, she is no longer in your life, but mentally and spiritually, she is very much still a very present force in your life.  The two of you broke up years ago, and even though you tell people that you're over her and you're happy that it's over, you're not being one hundred percent truthful with them or yourself.  You see, every relationship we enter helps to form our realities and when those relationships are over, the hurt and bitterness left behind often deforms the realities that were inspired by those relationships.  For example, you may have found yourself in a relationship with a woman who inspired you to make plans for your future.  Before she came into your life, you were just living life one day at a time.  You hadn't thought too much about your future and you were content with your surroundings because it was all you knew.  You'd lived in a certain neighborhood and you had the mindset of most of the guys from that neighborhood, and then, a woman came into your life and helped you to see a future you'd never dreamed of.  She introduced you to hope and you were smitten with her, nevertheless, that relationship ended and she took your newfound hope with her. 

Monday, August 31, 2015

Sex, Lies and Soul Ties (New Book)

Hey guys!  Check out my latest book entitled, Sex Lies and Soul Ties.  Believe me when I say this book is going to answer so many questions you didn't even realize you had!  As a matter of fact, while writing this book, I had to step outside and let the Lord work through me to get this message to you.  That's because I didn't know half of what I wrote when I started writing!  I just obeyed and God delivered.

Sex, Lies and Soul Ties isn't just a book that gives you basic, surface information about soul ties that you can find online.  No sir.  This book goes into the depths of soul ties and uncovers the hidden truth... I'm talking about that truth that today's modern church won't publish because it goes against our culturally inspired bible teachings.  Nevertheless, you're about to get the whole truth and nothing but the truth in this book!

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Self Reflection: How Do You View Women?

Note: I know you may not think this blog entry pertains to you as a man; especially, if you're okay with being turned down by women.  Nevertheless, please read this entry in its entirety because you may discover something about yourself that you did not know, and, at the same time, you may be able to help save some woman's life from the "types" of men spoken of in this entry.  The purpose of this blog entry is to encourage self reflection.  I am in no way implying that all men think the same (as you'll see in the post), nevertheless, we have to address real issues with boldness and clarity so that the people of God can be set free. There are many hindering mindsets in the church and God is calling His people to come forth and address these mindsets so that His people can flourish.

One conversation that women commonly have is about how we were treated by some of the men we've rejected.  Most of us have been cursed out, yelled at or talked about simply because we refused to give some man our contact information.  And here's the thing: Most women let their would-be suitors down nicely and easily, but the truth is... some men feel superior to women, and therefore, feel entitled to them.  This mindset, of course, says a lot about the man in question, but at the same time, this mindset (or spirit) is common... even in the church!  The reality is the average man needs a renewed mind in relation to how he views women.

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Why You Keep Attracting "Crazy"

A beautiful woman walks by you and immediately captures your attention.  You're a handsome guy and you're used to women hitting on you, especially now that you've garnered a little bit of success, but to this particular woman, you are almost invisible.  She walks by you as you exit your brand new Lamborghini, and not only does she seem to be blind to your existence, but there's an air of confidence about her that's almost irresistible.  You can't take your eyes off her and you're determined to not let her out of your sight, so you began to pursue her as she crosses the street towards a nearby park.  Finally, you catch up to her, and instead of greeting you with a smile, she seems almost bothered by your intrusion.  "Can I help you?" she asks as she pulls her cell phone away from her ear.  You feel a tweak of nervousness and that's not like you.  Normally, you're pretty confident when approaching women, but this particular woman has done the unthinkable: she's intimidated you.  After a few minutes of conversation and a few bad jokes, you finally get a smile from her.  As it turns out, she's as interesting as she looks.  The two of you exchange numbers, and before long, you've convinced her to go on a date with you.  You're overjoyed and almost inclined to think that she might be "the one".  After all, she's unlike any woman you've ever been romantically linked to.